Rustin Larson

by graphicnarrativemum


Here more information about poet Rustin Larson, whose poem appeared in the January 13 issue of The New Yorker Magazine that looks like this:


Commentary on his New Yorker poem: 2014 New Yorker Poems Review

Here some more information about Rustin:

A wordpress site: Rustin Larson


Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz, & The Collected Discography of Morning by Rustin Larson is available at the MUM Library. It’s also available on Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz, & The Collected Discography of Morning on Amazon

Here you can listen to his MadHat sound piece called “To Cobain”:

Rustin Larson’s blog in The Iowa Source Magazine: Rustin’s Blog The Iowa Source

Rustin on Verse Daily: Rustin on Verse Daily, Bio

Rustin on Goodreads: Rustin on Goodreads

Waiting for Evening to Come, a full book: Waiting for Evening to Come

New Poems on Pirene’s Fountain:

I Still Talk to My Father

I still talk to my father in dreams.
Sometimes I see my mother from a distance.
My father always has some new form
Of industry he has created in his basement workshop
Lit by fluorescent tubes.  My mother
Calls down from the top of the stairs:
Dinner’s ready!  I, being the one who dreams
The dream, do not move.
He’s not coming, he says he’s dreaming.
My father climbs the stairs to the sounds
Of pork chops frying.  I believe
It’s early December, and a particularly cold one:
Pale frost on the window.
This is how I spend time
with those who have gone on before me.